Thanks to:

  • The Māori people of New Zealand for the idea of coloured syllables


Special Thanks to our Fluent Speakers:

  • Language, Cultural Advisor, & Translator/Michif Nationalist & Knowledge Keeper: Brousse Flammand
  • Language & Cultural Advisor: Métis Elder, Sadie Lukan
  • Language & Cultural Advisor: Cree Elder, Susan Dion
  • Language Advisor/Michif Knowledge Keeper: Faye Maurice
  • Language Advisor: Linguist, Dale McCreery


Thank you to the following individuals for their work:

  • Audio Engineers: Ry Moran & Piper Bresser
  • Logo Idea: Lorri Verville, Bertha Landrie, Anita Barker, & Alexander Stark
  • MLRC Associate Coordinator: Alexander Stark
  • MLRC Executive Director/Design & Layout: Anita Barker
  • Orange T-Shirt Design: Kyle Landrie, Debra Kessler, & Brousse Flammand
    • Photos & Background: Chris Henry Arts——
  • Reading Specialist: Jeanny van Duyvenvoorde


Special thanks to the following individuals:

  • Chandrelle Marshall, Westmont Community School
  • David Morin, Métis Culture and Heritage Department, GDI
  • Glenn Jim, Language Revitalization Coach, FPCC
  • Rachel Perkins, Language Program Coordinator, FPCC


Thank you to the following organizations:

  • Animikii Indigenous Technology
  • British Columbia Métis Assembly of Natural Resources
  • Chief Atahm School
  • First Peoples' Cultural Council (FPCC)
  • Gabriel Dumont Institute
  • North East Métis Association
  • Westmont Community School



  • Michif Knowledge Keeper, Faye Maurice
  • Métis Elder, Sadie Lukan
  • Métis Elder, Bertha Landrie
  • Westmont Community School



  • Karon Shmon, Director, Métis Culture & Heritage Department, GDI
  • Mark Carlson, Chair, BC Métis Assembly of Natural Resources
  • Jeff Ward, Animikii Indigenous Technology
  • Sharon Dolce



  • Saundra Taylor
  • Connie Sarrazin



  • Heritage Canada - Indigenous Language Component
  • Vancity Credit Union
  • Catholic Diocese of Victoria - Indigenous Reconciliation Fund 


MLRC Curriculum Development Team:

Métis Elder and Matriarch, Bertha Landrie

Métis Elder, Dr Bruce Handley

Métis Elder, Joe Landrie

Métis & Cree Elder in Training, Anita Barker

Melanie Hallberg

Alexander Stark


Learn Michif by Listening CD and Guide:

  • CD produced by Peter Bakker and Norman Fleury
  • With the support of: Ida Rose Allard, Rik van Gijn, Heather Souter,Torkil Oesterbye, Anette Nissen, & Hein van der Voort
  • Double vowel spelling devised by Rita Flamand & modified by Robert Papen